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How to Stay Fit and Healthy with Tulsi Leaves

Tulsi plant is considered a sacred plant. It is widely used in Indian households and temples for worship since vedic period. It is an assumption that Tulsi plant brings peace, health and prosperity. It is a custom that people worship the Tulsi plant daily by offering the water and flowers and lighting the lamp. To stay fit and healthy, Tulsi plant bears testimony to its incredible advantages this miraculous leaves have some matchless medical qualities. It is a sacred and aromatic herb. … Continue readingHow to Stay Fit and Healthy with Tulsi Leaves

How to Remove Toothache

Toothache is a very painful experience. We can’t ignore it. It may be the sign of tooth decay. Untreated tooth may become the cause of infection for other teeth. It may affect the tooth’s innermost layer, the pulp. So the proper treatment should be given at the right time. There are some homely articles which play a great role in recovering this problem. The average toothache only lasts for a few hours. When the pain is not overwhelming, it is possible to treat it with a simple home remedy. … Continue readingHow to Remove Toothache