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How to stay fit and healthy with ginger

Ginger is a common spice with some powerful healthful properties. Let us know how to stay fit and healthy with ginger. It has become well known for its many health benefits and people around the world consume it. It has its origin in Southeast Asia but now is widely available around the world. The scientific name of ginger is Zingiber officinal, which is supposed to come from the Sanskrit name for the spice. Ginger not only adds a yummy flavor to food but adds nutrients also. Since thousands of years, people are using it in cooking and healing. Ginger can be eaten fresh or dried or stored as a spice for being healthy. It is used in making tablets, capsules or turning into liquid extracts.


Why Ginger is necessary-

The ancient ancestors of China and India rever this plant as the universal medicine since over 5000 years and highly sought by spice traders. The Ginger plant was first discovered in the geographical area and is employed as a spice in Asian cuisine. Firstly, China and India noticed its healing properties and used it to cure various diseases and health problems. Ginger could be a smart supply of metallic element, manganese, potassium, copper and vitamin B6. Ginger is a source of all which is a relative of capsaicin and has powerful antioxidant capabilities. That’s why it makes us fit and healthy. Ginger is a useful and natural remedy for several ailments for hundreds of years. Now science is finally catching up and researchers around the world are finding that ginger works wonders and it treats various illnesses.

How to make Ginger tea-

Ginger tea is safe and easy to prepare. In winter we generally consume it for a better result. It plays a great role in staying healthy and acts as a home remedy. Here is a special ginger tea recipe for colds and flu. You’ll find that this tea not solely provides relief however additionally works on stimulating your immune system as it warms you up.

First, fill up your tea kettle with pure water and get it boiling and cut two pieces of fresh ginger root (about the size of a quarter). Then take a vacuum bottle or thermos and put the fresh ginger into the vacuum bottle, add four tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and add three to four tablespoons of raw honey. When your water is poached, pour it into the vacuum bottle, cowl it up and let it sit for 20 minutes then strain it into a teacup and enjoy this.

Ginger Tea
Ginger Tea

Benefits of Ginger-

There are many ways to keep us fit and healthy with ginger. Its benefits are mentioned below-

Relieves nausea

Probably the foremost widely known health edges of ginger is its ability to alleviate nausea. It relieves the symptoms of nausea from a typical abdomen bug or grippe, ginger is useful to come back to nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy. It prevents morning sickness during pregnancy.


Ginger  helps to relieve inflammation and pain without the side effects of many anti-inflammatory drugs. It is effective for treating arthritis conditions like joint inflammations and pains because it is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps in reducing joint inflammation with this warming effects. It comforts and soothes aching joints. Ginger contains important antioxidants that clears the joints of all impurities and allows fresh blood to flow into the aching areas and lastly it improves flexibility and movement of muscles and bones.


Ginger will improve digestion on many fronts similarly as relieve discomfort from biological process problems. It helps neutralize acids and stimulate secretions of biological process juices to boost digestion. Researchers believe that ginger’s active ingredients rod and sho gal cause it’s therapeutic effects. Ginger stimulates digestion by rushing up the movement of food from the abdomen into the higher bowel. For immediate relief from any digestion disorders, drink one cup of ginger tea or six ounces of ginger beer as ginger beer is a non-alcoholic drink that is three times stronger than ginger tea.

Reduces respiratory problems-

Since ginger could be a good smart medicinal drug it’s effective in combating numerous metabolic process issues such as colds, coughs, flues, asthma, and shortness of breath. Ginger is additionally effective in removing mucous secretion from the throat and lungs.

Motion sickness-  

When it involves complaint, ginger may be a natural preventative. The travel industry is using ginger more and more to comeback nausea caused by motion sickness, especially those who go on cruises, to prevent motion sickness, drink a cup of ginger teas or take 3 to 4 capsules of ginger before an automobile or cruise trip. It’s best to require it each quarter-hour for associate degree hour before you travel. This will forestall nausea so you will have an agreeable trip.

Finds ovarian cancer- 

Ginger is also a robust weapon within the treatment of gonad cancer. Ginger powder induces cells death in all of variant cancer cells to which it was applied. Ginger spice helps to control inflammation which can contribute to the development of ovarian cancer cells in multiple ovarian cancer cell lines. Ginger induces cell death at a similar or better rate than chemotherapy with no side effects.

Lowers cholesterol- 

Ginger conjointly lowers cholesterin levels by meddling with cholesterin synthesis. These effects might forestall blockages of blood vessels which might result in a coronary failure or stroke. Ginger’s antioxidant properties may also strengthen the heart muscles. PIinger reduces the frequency as well as the strength of headaches and those who have them regularly because it has an anti-inflammatory property. It doesn’t allow the blood vessels to get inflamed. This is what, it eliminates or greatly reduces the headache. It is important to take ginger as soon as you feel a headache and it will prevent the headache from turning into a migraine. So take two to three capsules of powdered ginger or eat several slices of fresh ginger. You can additionally combine it along with your food this may facilitate forestall a megrim from totally developing.

Prevents blood clots-

It has been found that ginger has an effect on blood clots that is similar to that of aspirin. Unlike anodyne, ginger encompasses a calming impact on your abdomen, ginger interferes with an extended sequence of events necessary for blood clots to make. This helps to prevent clots that can lodge in narrowed coronary arteries and set off a heart attack. Ginger additionally inhibits the clumping along of platelets within the blood. It inhibits blood clots more effectively than onion or garlic.

Cold and flu prevention- 

Ginger treats symptoms of a cold and respiratory disorder, particularly once added with raw honey and lemon juice. For many individuals, ginger tea works to spice up the system throughout the cold and contagious disease season. However, if you do contract the cold or the flu, the warm ginger tea helps in healing the body better than any over-the-counter medication.

Thus Ginger is much useful for keeping us fit and healthy. It cures several diseases and protects us from them. Due to its valuable properties, people make it a part of their meals. It gives better results.


This blog is a result of research. It includes the writer’s personal experience also. Content on this site is for making the people aware of staying fit and healthy with homely articles. If you suffer from any disease or health problem, precautionary always consult your doctor before pursuing any treatment. The information during this article does not decide to substitute for a medical recommendation.

Hope this article is helpful for you. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us within the comments section.

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