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How to Remove Toothache

Toothache is an unbearable condition. But how o remove a toothache is a big problem Instantly you need a remedy to remove toothache. That time you require a home remedy from your kitchen to remove a toothache. Dentists are easily the most feared medical professionals. It is an assumption that they spread anxiety and people get panic due to it. Even they scared of them to go there to remove the toothache. There is even a term for it—dentophobia. That’s why most commonly most people fail to see their dentists at least twice a year.

A toothache is commonly caused by problems in the tooth or the jaw. Gum disease, cavities, incoming wisdom teeth, infections, and cracked or damaged teeth are the most likely suspects. Acute or extreme pain may be a sign that there is an exposed tooth root or a serious jaw disease. Generally, dental pulp infects and the patient often requires an immediate root canal or extraction of the infected tooth.

Suffering from toothache
Suffering from toothache


There are several factors of toothache:

  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth fracture
  • Lost filling
  •  Infected gums
  • Teeth grinding or jaw clenching
  • A cracked tooth
  • Loose or broken fillings
  • Receding gums ( this exposes a lot of sensitive elements of the tooth not coated by enamel)
  • An infection in the tooth or jaw
  • Braces
  • Sinus congestion – could want ache even as ache generally appears like sinus pain.
  • Toothache occurs due to other symptoms, such as swelling of gums,  jaw or face.
  • Bleeding from your gums

Home Remedy for Toothache

Toothache is a very painful experience. We can’t ignore it. It may be the sign of tooth decay. The Untreated tooth may become the cause of infection for other teeth. It may affect the tooth’s innermost layer, the pulp. So the proper treatment should be given at the right time. There are some homely articles which play a great role in recovering this problem. The average toothache only lasts for a few hours.  When the pain is not overwhelming, it is possible to treat it with a simple home remedy. In this way, we can remove the toothache.

A Tooth: away from ache
A Tooth: away from ache


Garlic is one of the most familiar home remedy ingredients, which relieves tooth pain for thousands of years. After crushing, the plant releases one thing as allicin, that is an antifungal and antibiotic compound. If the toothache is the result of an infection, there is a good chance that garlic will be able to destroy or at least slow down the bacteria. Of course, garlic alone won’t be ready to stop the deterioration of the tooth. Grind garlic, cloves and mixed with oil and/or salt Then apply the mixture on the affected tooth.

Remember that ground up or crushed garlic has incredible power but it may cause minor skin irritation if we  overuse it.


Many people believe that Echinacea is a powerful immune stimulator, which means that it can buoy the immune system and prevent common infections. Once again, if the odontalgia is caused by Associate in Nursing infection, it’s attainable that genus Echinacea might offer relief or prevent the pain altogether. The easiest thanks to getting the advantages of the herb is to shop for a box of organic asterid dicot genus tea at your native grocery store or food store. It’ll not irritate the gums or skin.

Saline Water:

Most of the world is made up of saline or salt water. Simply add a teaspoon of normal flavoring to a glass of water and blend it till it’s utterly dissolved. The water ought to then be gargled for twenty or thirty seconds. Yes, it’ll leave a foul style in your mouth, however salt will cut back painful swelling. The salt concentration can be increased as needed.

Other solutions-

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle and avoid drinking alcohol and quit smoking.
  2. See your dentist for a regular check-up at least twice a year.
  3.  Eat fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, dairy products and foods rich in vitamins and minerals. 
  4. Eat foods that are easy to chew and swallow.
  5. Avoid very hot or cold foods and drinks.
  6. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water and hold it in your mouth for a minute, covering the painful area, before spitting the salt water out.
  7. Wrap an ice pack in a cloth and hold it against your face.
  8. Brush your teeth after taking breakfast and before going to bed.
  9. Choose a fluoride toothpaste.
  10. Use a soft toothbrush and avoid scrubbing too hard.

Thus all the above remedies play a great role in removing the toothache. It will give you relief.


This blog is a result of research. It includes the writer’s personal experience also. Content on this site is for making the people aware of staying fit and healthy with homely articles. If you suffer from any disease or health problem, precautionary always consult your doctor before pursuing any treatment. The information during this article does not decide to substitute for a medical recommendation.

Hope this article is helpful for you.

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