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How to stay fit and healthy with Aloe vera juice

Health plays a great role in human’s life. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves fit and healthy. Good health plays a great role. It provides charm, hope, enthusiasm.etc. to life. It is a blessing. All the beauties appear attractive to a man if he is fit and healthy. If we could get this health in free what is the point? Generally, people are unaware about the homely articles which prove to be the best home remedies such as ginger, garlic, termeric, coriander, black pepper, aloe vera and so on. In this blog I would focus on the importance of aloe vera to boost up our immune system.

Aloe vera Plant

Aloe vera and immune system

Staying fit and healthy depends on various factors like personal, social etc. We all are quiet familiar with the old saying, “Sound mind lives in a sound body”. A healthy person enjoys the every moment of his life. He can work for long time without feeling tired and exhausted. On the other hand, a man with poor health cannot enjoy the life. In spite of having wealth and luxuries, he cannot enjoy even a sound sleep. So we should be well aware of our health. Being fit and healthy depends upon our immune system. The immune system is the system of specialized cells and organs that protects people from outside biological influences. If the immune system is functioning properly, it protects the body against bacteria and viral infections, destroying cancer cells. If the immune system  weakens, it causes common cold and flu. Aloe vera  plays a big role to boost up our immune system.


 What is aloe vera juice

Aloe vera is considered to have many medicinal benefits. It has the ability to cure many ailments and to boost up our immune system. Human body tends to turn acidic due to either diet or lifestyle habits. In that case,  aloe vera is highly alkaline. It reduces the acid in the body naturally. It detoxifies our body. Aloe vera juice can be used regularly as a health enhancer. As the aloe vera plant is easily available in most of the houses, the aloe vera juice can be prepared easily at home. This is a natural beverage.


How to make aloe vera juice for health remedies 

 Preparing aloe vera juice takes 7 minutes. Firstly cut and wash a large aloe vera leaf. Using a sharp knife chop off the bottom part that exudes a yellowish liquid which is not fit for consumption. Wash the knife and leaf and open up the outer layer. Then extract the aloe vera  gel, add 2 cups of water and blend it until the gel and water are mixed completely. We can store it into the jar for up to 3 days.. Now drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach. But do check with your doctor once as the dosage might depend on your individual condition. For taste we can add citric juice to aloe vera juice it includes extra vitamin C and its detoxifying properties.

Benefits of aloe vera juice for health

Health experts are also recommending drinking aloe vera  juice. In ancient Egypt aloe vera, plant was known as the “plant of immortality” due to its numerous benefits. It grows in extremely dry (arid) climate and widely found in Africa, India and such other arid areas. It is also known as ghratakumari in Sanskrit, gheegvar  in Hindi and SothuKathalai in Tamil. This plant has been the subject of much scientific study.  Aloevera is used for food supplement, cosmetics and herbal remedies. It has numerous benefits such as –

  • Aloe vera improves the immune system
  • This herb vera juice is helpful in detoxification.
  • Aloe verar educes the amount of unfriendly bacteria.
  • It promotes a healthy mouth and gum.
  • It is rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Aloe vera works to alkalize the body.
  • It aids boosting energy level.
  • This herb lowers cholesterol.
  • It boosts metabolism.
  • Its regular consumption can improve kidney and colon health.
  • It supports digestive system to absorb the nutrients.
  • Aloe vera is helpful in irritable bowel syndrome.
  • It balances the body’s ph levels.
  • Aloe vera stimulates the uterus and improves menstrual conditions.
  • It prevents various eye disorders.
  • This herb is helpful in treating jaundice, and bronchitis.
  • It halts the growth of cancer tomors.

Hope this article is helpful for you. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comments section.


This blog has been written after researching and reading a lot about aloe vera. It includes writer’s  personal  experience also. Content on this site is for making the people aware for staying fit and healthy with homely articles. If you suffer from any disease or health problem, precautionary always consult your doctor before pursuing any treatment. The information in this article does not attempt to substitute for medical advice

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